Top 5 Things To Do On A Miami Tour

Miami doesn’t really need an introduction. It’s popular all over the world for its glitz, glamour, beaches and sunny weather. From the museums to the streets of Little Havana, a Miami tour always presents you with plenty of things to do.

Sun Island Tours in Miami Florida

Here’s our list of top 5 things to do in Miami:

Explore the Jungle Island:

Situated on Watson Island and was previously known as Parrot Jungle, Jungle Island is one of the most renowned attractions the city of Miami has to offer. The garden is just a few minutes away from South Beach & Downtown Miami. Jungle Islands mesmerizes park visitors with a sense of discovery and adventure with its tropical forest settings. Apart from larger animals, including tigers, baboons, alligators, tortoises, monkeys, and orangutans, the garden also features around 2,000 varieties of exotic plants, including heliconias, bananas, orchids, and bromeliads.

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Explore the Art Deco Historic District:

With an allusion of 1930’s nostalgia, the magnificently refurbished buildings within the Art Deco District have so much to offer to the tourists on a laidback day in the Miami Beach region. With its splendid neon signs & canopy covered dining areas; the Art Deco District really comes in its own after the dark.

Check out the Bay side Marketplace:

Hosting more than 150 specialty & tourist shops, cafes and eateries, Bayside Market features everything to enthrall you. Besides many renowned chain stores travelers will discover a range of enthralling boutiques in this splendidly designed outdoor style mall.

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Located next to Miami’s waterfront, as the name says, numerous locals come here to soak up the dynamic atmosphere & appreciate the bay. With its daily live music & fun vibe the Bayside Market doesn’t fall short to entertain people.

Witness more than 2,000 wild animals at Zoo Miami:

Visitors get a sense of real safari in Zoo Miami as it offer animals with habitats close to their natural setting. With open air exhibits & a cage-free setting, tourists have an opportunity to enjoy rare wildlife up close. The Zoo is a special attraction for families with kids as it features a range of kid-friendly attractions including camel rides.

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Relax in Key Biscayne:

Key Biscayne is a small community packed with splendid beaches & parks. The most popular is the Crandon Park which features a Family Amusement Center, making it especially popular among families.

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Plan your Miami tour with Miami Sightseeing Tours assured that you are going to explore Miami the best possible way. Let our travel experts help you planning the perfect Miami tour.